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Gangsta Gangsta Gangsta |OOTD

Forget about 
what you thought 
you were 
and just accept 
who you are. 
-- Jersey Girl

I used to struggle a lot with trying to dim down who I was just so others would be more comfortable but it seriously feels like you're suffocating yourself for the hell of it. It's not a feeling that I think I'll ever get used to so now I just try my hardest to be who I am. Before I switch to my summer 'do, I wanted to have some fun with my current hair so I decided to be a Mermaid once again. I love experimenting with hair colors and the blue green color combo is one of my favorites. I bought this Melt Cosmetics lipstick ages ago but couldn't think of a time to wear it during the day where I wouldn't freak people out but today realized that I kinda wanted to freak people out and make them uncomfortable so I wore it. I really love black lipstick and this Melt Bane is the perfect matte black.

If I could pick an outfit that speaks to my inner thug, this would be it. Flannels, graphic tees and ripped up jeans is my go to look but this outfit screams don't even think about messing with me and I love it. 

How clutch is my clutch? I love this clear clutch, it is so edgy and chic. I love how even though I'm dressed down, this clutch adds a bit of glamour

Enough rambling but I thank my brother for introducing me to Schoolboy Q ... I finally got around to listening to his newest music and this song is perfect for those moments when I feel like I should go ahead and tat thug life across my stomach like Tupac. Everybody has a little Gangsta in them and this song is a good vibe.

Til Later Loves
xo Siatta Konah

Let's Get Comfortable | The Vibe

You took me out and left me in the deep end 
-- Jhene Aiko 

In case you live under a rock and don't know who Jhene Aiko is ... watch this video!! She is amazing like beyond amazing. I've been listening to her music for years now and every song is timeless. She'll take you there even when you been avoiding there for months.

Her video for Comfort Inn Ending is perfect, it's exactly how you pictured the visuals for this song. It's a women who's been burned who has had enough so she's gonna burn back. I absolutely love it.
I'm excited to see where Jhene goes from here.

What do you think of the visuals Jhene created?

Til Later Loves
xo Siatta Konah


Sky High | OOTD

sometimes you have to lose control to gain control

Not much to say about this outfit other than I love wearing oversized shirts with thigh high socks.
I'm definitely loving the weather as of late, it's sunny and breezy which means I can still rock my timbs and throw on my favorite white shorts and not feel out of place! 

All you have to do is say Drake is on a track and I know I'l love it so when someone tweeted out the link to this Rook Milo remix of the Language, I instantly downloaded. It's just super chill.  It's definitely that vibe that I dig.

Til Later Loves
xo Siatta Konah


Rainy Daze | OOTD

“I fall in love
 with everything.
 I also hate everything.
 It’s very hard to be 
and a romantic.”
-- M. Manson

Just picked my brother up from the airport and he hopped in my photo shoot ...
 this is us being gangsta!

I always find that when  don't have a long time to choose my outfit in the morning, I always choose one that best fits my style. Today I was in a rush and it was drizzy outside so this is it. Band tees, ripped jeans and brightly colored chucks seem to be my uniform. I have been loving this light weight parka for the past few weeks, it keeps me dry and usually makes my outfit look chic.

This song is one word: addictive! Irresistible could describe it as well seeing as I try to fight grooving when this song plays but why fight something that feels so good.  

What's your go to outfit when you're in a rush?

Till Later Loves
xo Siatta Konah

Futuristic Sweats | The Vibe

Don't be mad 
cause I'm doing me 
better than you doing you 
--Childish Gambino

Apparently Childish Gambino's video for Sweatpants leaked and he was definitley not happy about that. It sucks when people fuck up your creative vision. I love Gambino so of course I was psyched to see a new video from him even if it wasn't in his planned order of events. I wish I could go see him in concert being that Because the Internet is one of my favorite albums at the moment. 

Despite the negatives! How dope is this video. Childish Gambino is the type of artist that makes you question little things. This video is a head trip but in a good way. I definitley wanna thank Gambino for adding the visuals for Urn, another song off BTI,  at the end of this video as well. That song does so much for me in such a a short span of time and the visuals to accompany it make me want to watch that clip on repeat for days and days.

Apparently I've been sleeping on Childish Gambino  and missed out on seeing the 3005 video which is like one of my favorite songs of all time. Gambino and bear on this ferris wheel is quite a sight to see and I love how he never connects with the camera so you almost feel like an intruder on this romantic date,  The parts when the camera focuses on what you'd see if you were actually on the ferris wheel make my chest feel tight. Ferris wheels are definitely a safe rush because you feel protected in your carriage but you're literally hoisted high up in the sky. I love this. I would definitely wanna see visiuals for every track oh his album

Do ferris wheels excite and terrify you as much as they do me?

Til Later Loves
xo Siatta Konah